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Hi all, 

Well, during COVID-19, and no chances to play live, I decided to challenge myself to one take sessions. 

This is where I record myself playing, one shot and then forcing myself to upload them - mistakes and all. It's not the best way to create content I know, but I could have spent hours rerecording the same song and killed the enjoyment for myself. 

I thought this way, it is more like listening to me live but without all the wait time in between. 

I'll be trying to post one or two of them a week, so as to not oversaturate my HUGE fanbase ;)

I hope you enjoy. 

Here's the first two: Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

and Father and Son by Cat Stevens.

New Music Video On Its Way! 

Hi all, 
A new music video by Matt De Sousa is on its way soon. I am so excited about this project. Just saw a cut today and really happy with it. 

A heads up as I have a gig coming up on January 22 at Papera in Shinjuku as part of the Live from The Kitchen Disco series.

This will be one of the few solo gigs for the future with a new project starting up. Looking forward to playing some electric and getting back to my roots in Indie Rock.

New Music Videos 

I have just posted some new music videos on my youtube page.
Some are live performance from from a gig at Livehouse Anga in Chiba.
The most recent one is my attempt at an archive footage based music video for my song "Never Stop Me". The footage is from an old Greyhound bus short film promo.
It seems advertising used to be done as a short film rather than a 30 second advert.
I hope you enjoy. Please comment on the videos with your thoughts. 

New gigs and songs on the way shortly as well!

Grant Rolls Music Video Playlist